We nurture innovative new
Portuguese businesses


We nurture innovative new Portuguese businesses




Empowered Startups specializes in bringing innovative new businesses to life in the high-potential startup ecosystem in Portugal.

Through partnerships with key actors, including certified Startup Visa incubators and top tier research facilities, Empowered Startups accelerates and incubates innovative international business ideas.

We work with driven entrepreneurial professionals to create outstanding startups with the potential to grow from concept to success in 3 to 5 countries within 5 years, launched from a strong base in Portugal.

The start up ecosystem in Portugal is a high-potential marketplace driven by keen collaborators. The climate is business-friendly, knowledge workers are readily available, and key actors are committed to success. As a gateway to continental Europe, with strong ties to South America, it is a smart launch pad for businesses with the potential for international expansion.




Our incubator in the capital is well-connected to the thriving Portuguese tech community.


Our incubator in is within a start-up hub, offering ready access professional networking and integration opportunities.


Our northern Portugal location is within a research facility that houses dedicated teams of researchers to support innovative r&d in several areas, including mecatronics, agri-tech, and nano-manufacturing.

Using our proven and powerful methodology, network, market insight and business expertise, we guide entrepreneurs on a path to successfully start a business in Portugal.

Become the Best

We educate and empower founders to build market offers and business models that empower their ideas to become the best in the world. We guide them through the rigours of Lean StartUp and Horizon Methodology, and cycle through the validated learning process of build-measure-learn.

Connect with the Best

We select entrepreneurs from around the world with the best innovative and scalable concepts to startup in Portugal, with international reach. We are skilled at assisting entrepreneurs in de-risking their projects, increasing their speed to market, and enhancing the overall prosperity of the Portuguese ecosystem they are entering.

Sell Internationally

We build startups that define and aggressively pursue revenue goals on this equation: My startup will sell $X of Y product to customers A, B, C in N number of countries in M number of months.


Our valued partnerships provide transnational entrepreneurs with opportunities to deepen the foundations and extend the reach of their ventures.

Our partnership with ANPME provides start ups with access to a strong professional network with a global reach.

Our partnership with BEP provides start ups with ready access to top tier researchers, according to their business needs.


Empowered Startups em STARTUP LAB

A Empowered Startups espera abrir uma incubadora na capital, no STARTUP LAB, em Lisboa. Com uma conceituada firma de advocacia, a SRS Advogados, esta incubadora oferece aos empresários transnacionais acesso imediato a profissionais altamente qualificados e...

Empowered Startups em BEP

A Empowered Startups tem o prazer de localizar a sua incubadora regional do norte central de Portugal nas instalações altamente modernas do Brigantia EcoPark.Co-localizada com um instituto de pesquisa bem equipado e uma incubadora Start Up Visa certificada...

Empowered Startups em Incub Up – ANPME

A incubadora regional costeira do norte para Empowered Startups está localizada dentro do Incub Up, o dinâmico hub de startups hospedado pela ANPME, no Porto. Como uma instalação de rede profissional e uma incubadora Start Up Visa certificada, a Incub Up...


The following professionals generously offer their perspectives on our plans. We are grateful for the influence they continue to have on our projects.



Entrepreneurship & Investments Officer, Brigantia-EcoPark




Executive Director, SRS Start Up – Advogados Labs




Global Relations Manager, Start Up Portugal